Tea set or tea service, first of all, it is a set of cups, dishes, spoons, sugar bowls, creamers, pitchers, jugs and trays destined for tea drinking. There are a lot of various tea sets, they are different size, shape, material, but they have something in common, with their help people get very useful drink – tea. The most valuable considered to be porcelain China sets and silver tea services.The history of a traditional tea set starts in China in the times of famous Han dynasty reigning. Teas sets were made from porcelain and divided onto 2 types white porcelain in the North and blue porcelain in the South. The main object of such a tea set was a tea bowl, there were no teapots. Actually, tea wasn’t a widespread drink, its main purpose was medicine.Only 800 years later has appeared a teapot in its original look. A prototype of a usual teapot was made in China and was called Zi Sha Hu. It got its name after a small city in the Jiangsu Provence. Ant tea-lover can tell, that than drinking tea from a bad (I mean of poor quality) tea service it is better not to drink it at all. Because, in order to get and perceive the delicious taste of tea, all the components must be perfect: tea itself, water, atmosphere, mood and, of course, tea service. The best material for ideal, tasty tea is porcelain. I like Taiwan tea sets, they are beautiful, easy and tunes you onto tea ceremony. In Taiwan people adore tea, they consider it to be their main pastime and leisure activity. I like their expression while tea-boiling: it is a process of changing “craft” to “art”. While drinking tea in such an atmosphere the measures of time became vague and it seems that you can join to the ancient civilizations.

Nowadays, tea sets can serve as perfect indicators of the epoch and mood in the country, there are a variety of seasonal tea services, such as: Christmas tea service, Easter tea set. Any tea set can be a good kitchen accessory and an ideal present to any holiday.